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Team Leader (2MUs)

Applications close: 1 month ago - 8/10/2023.

This is an exciting opportunity to take the next step in your career by joining an exceptional leadership team in a high-performing school environment. Build your leadership capabilities while continuing to develop your own pedagogy and delivery of the curriculum.

We are looking to appoint a passionate, energetic educator with a proven track record of effective teaching. They will have a passion for growing the pedagogical practice of others, and a strong commitment to collaboration. The successful applicant will provide strong leadership in either a Year 2-3 or Year 3-4 team. They must have the desire and ability to inspire, motivate and coach others within their team.

The successful applicant will be supported by a Deputy Principal to continue to grow their capabilities. The opportunity will exist to undertake other schoolwide roless.

The positions comes with 2MUs.

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