Essential Spelling Lists
Everglade School Leaf

The question of ‘Spelling’ or ‘Word Study’ comes up every now and then. We don’t see a huge amount of value in learning words in isolation; this doesn’t add much to a child’s ability to communicate in writing.

If you wish to spend time supporting your child with ‘Spelling’ we do provide a series of Essential Spelling Lists for your child to learn at home. We suggest that you:

  • Have your child spend time learning these words, maybe ten each week.
  • Practise using the word in a sentence (to show understanding of meaning.)
  • Have them spell the word out loud to you when you say it to them.
  • Have them write the word when they hear it said to them.
  • Practise typing the word using a computer keyboard when the word is said.
To find the lists please open the attached document.

Everglade School Essential Spelling Lists.pdf

When you are satisfied that your child is familiar with the words on the Essential List, sign and date the list and return it to school. Your child’s teacher will acknowledge this achievement, and approve their promotion to the next list.