Reporting to Parents 

Each child’s parents and whānau are their first and most important teachers. Building learning-focused relationships and connections between parents, whānau, and teachers is therefore vital for each child’s ongoing learning and success. Children are the core participants in any learning environment and as such they need to be actively engaged in understanding their own actions and progress as learners.

Assessment Online TKI

Learning Conversations

At Everglade, we value the voices of teachers, whānau and learners in the reporting process. As such, teachers have an open-door policy and there are multiple opportunities designed for families, students and teachers to interact throughout the year. Two of these interactions are known as '3 Way Conferences' (3WCs). They are as follows:

  • 'Looking Ahead' conferences in Term 1 discussing all or some of the following:
    • whānau aspirations
    • learner strengths and areas for development
    • ways of communicating with each other
    • other needs the learner may have.
  • A learning progress conversation in Term 3 discussing all or some of the following:
    • The current learning of the child – what they can currently do and their next steps
    • The progress the child has made since the last learning conversation
    • Where the child is at in relation to curriculum expectations in reading, writing and mathematics
    • A discussion about the wider areas of the curriculum as appropriate.
Hero Reporting

Hero has been designed for online, real-time reporting, meaning that parents can view their child's progress via the Hero app or a web browser at any time. Find out more about Hero under the 'Parent Information' tab.

Report Page

Each year, a student's online Report page is updated with the following:

- Attendance Information

- Progress Charts

- Summary Report Comments

- Learning Posts

Written Progress Reports

Teachers will post Summary Report Comments (SRCs) twice a year to each student's SRCs and Report pages on Hero. The progress charts (see right) will also be updated for the publication of SRCs. Progress charts track student progress by sharing their current NZ Curriculum levels in reading, writing and maths in line with age-related achievement expectations.

Term 2 - Mid-Year Report

Mid-Year Reports describe each student's current achievement, and provide next learning steps for reading, writing and mathematics. 

Term 4 - End-of-Year Report

End-of-Year Reports share information about each student as a learner, and may include information about their disposition, areas of strength, extra-curricular involvement, and how they demonstrate the NZC's Key Competencies.

Learning Posts

Once a term for Terms 1 - 3, Learning Posts will be shared into the 'Mathematics/ Pangarau', 'Reading/ Panui' and 'Writing/ Tuhituhi' pages (as well as on the Report page). Our purpose is to also share information about progress and achievement through these posts. We aim to communicate how a child is progressing and what they are learning in real-time. We aim to share specific learning experiences and intentions using real examples of what is happening in the classroom. 

Other Reporting

More informal sources of reporting on students' learning can be found using Hero's Community Feed and the 'My Learning Kete' page. Teachers will post at a minimum of once a fortnight to the Community Feed with information, photos and/or videos of what exciting learning opportunities have been happening in their classroom. 

'My Learning Kete' is a digital student page that allows students to share classwork with their teachers and whānau. Posting to this page will occur more frequently in the senior school classes. 

Find out how to print a summary of a Student's Online Report using the button below. 

Parents can also find and print previous (historic) Online Reports using Hero's Timewarp feature. Find out more about Timewarp here.