School Uniform
Everglade School Leaf

Everglade School expects that all children wear school uniform daily. Where this is not possible, a letter, phone call, or contact with the teacher should be made.

Our preferred method of payment is through your myKindo account. Your myKindo account is designed to make it easy for you tomanage school payments and complete school forms for your whole family,through a simple website. 

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All items in our school uniform can be purchased at school. The uniform includes a sun hat for Terms 1 and 4. You can assist us greatly by ensuring that all items of clothing are named.

Size 4-8 $30.00
Size 10-14 $33.00
Size 16-20 $36.00

Long Pants
All Sizes $36.00

Shorts (Cargo)
Size 4-8 $30.00
Size 10-14 $33.00
Size 16-18 $36.00

Polo Shirts
All Sizes $ 30.00

Size 4,6,8 $50.00
Size 10, 12, 14 $52.00
Size S, M, L $57.00

All Sizes $13.00

Long Sleeve Polo Shirts
Size 4-12 $35.00

Girls Stockings
Sizes 36, 6-9, 10-12 $13.00

New Wet Weather Jackets
All Sizes $40.00