Digital Technologies @ Everglade

Preparing our students to become digitally-capable individuals...

In education, 'digital technologies' is mostly used to refer to devices like computers, laptops, tablets and cellphones. It can also be used to talk about the infrastructure that schools need to use digital technologies, like having access to safe and reliable ultra-fast Wi-Fi.

Digital technologies are an important part of your child's world. They can be used to connect with others, learn new skills and pursue any of their passions or interests. They are an incredible resource for teachers as they provide a range of fantastic opportunities to engage and extend your child's learning in new and exciting ways. 

To prepare students to become confident, creative, connected and actively involved life-long learners, we guide our students on how to use digital technologies competently and safely. Teachers also develop students' skills on how to think critically about the information they encounter online.

‚ÄčMobile phones and smart watches are discouraged and are to be handed in to the class teacher. If these are brought to school, we accept no responsibility for these.