Bring Your Own Device to Everglade

BYOD in Totara and Pohutukawa

BYOD @ Everglade

The New Zealand Curriculum vision states that they desire all New Zealanders to become “confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners”. E-learning is an integral part of assisting in this vision.

BYOD is optional for students in our senior classes at Everglade Primary School. Students are encouraged to bring their own iPad. Students who do not have access to their own device are able to use the school’s devices while on site.

All families who decide to send their child with an iPad to use at school are expected to fill out and sign the BYOD Consent Form. The form asks parents to acknowledge the following:

By signing this agreement, you are confirming:

  • My child has an apple iPad ready for daily use from the first day of the 2024 school year.
  • The device has the required accessories: protective case, headphones relevant learning Apps.

I understand that I will be responsible for:

  • insuring my child’s ipad against loss or damage.
  • monitoring my child’s use of online sites when at home.
  • my child’s use of ‘social websites’ outside of the school learning environmen, eg TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat.
iPads Only

The only Bring-Your-Own-Devices permitted are iPads. See more about device recommendations below.


Students bringing their own devices raises lots of questions for parents. Below we have put a list together of those questions we are often asked.

Is BYOD compulsory in years 4-6? 

No, but we highly recommend children bring their own iPad.  

Why BYOD and not school-owned devices?

With BYOD, students are taking their device, and therefore their learning home with them. This has huge potential benefits of not only continuing and sharing learning at home but using their device to carry out personal and family related learning. As much as we would like to, as a school, we are unable to fund 1-to-1 devices for all students.

What about insurance cover?

Insurance covering the device is the responsibility of parents/caregivers as stated in the BYOD Agreement. Usually devices will be covered under contents insurance but check with your insurer first.

How will the devices be secure at school?

A secure area within the classroom will be provided at school where devices will be kept during breaks. It is the students responsibility to ensure their device is placed in this area.

What do you recommend we purchase?

It really depends on what your budget allows. Minimum requirements for a BYOD iPad are a functioning camera, Wi-Fi capability, a headphone connection and minimum of 6 hour battery life. If possible, we'd recommend purchasing a 9th Generation iPad or newer with at least 64GB of storage to last them throughout the last 3 years at Everglade.

How much time do you envisage the children spending on devices per day? 

This will vary depending on the learning task. A device is like a piece of stationery for your child. A device is only one tool a teacher may use. They will use it for different purposes in different subjects. All teachers ensure there is balance.  

How will the school (and parents) prevent pupils accessing inappropriate content etc.? 

Parents can visit for the best tips when it comes to keeping your child safe online at home. Here at school, we have major security in place which prevents certain sites and material being accessed online. However, the internet is a large platform to monitor therefore we place a huge emphasis on teaching children digital citizenship.

Are there any parental controls we can set up on the iPads? has a number of articles about recommended parental controls that can be set up for children. You might like to read the following articles in particular:

Netsafe NZ also has some fantastic advice for parents about purchasing and using BYOD:

Will the children have access during lunchtime/morning tea? 

No. Devices are strictly for educational purposes only and under teacher supervision.  

If you have any other questions, please do not hestitate to contact the school.