BYOD Apps for 2022
Everglade School Leaf

All classes in Totara and Pohutukawa teams operate with a BYOD Programme (Bring Your Own Device). Students are encouraged to bring their own iPads to school each day, and use these (under the guidance of their class teachers) to help support and enhance their learning.
 The links below link to the major apps used here at Everglade School on BYOD devices.

Google Suite Apps

Google Drive, Google Chrome, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Photos, and Google Classroom are all required (rest of the Google Suite Apps are optional) - All Free

Apple Apps (generally this is already installed on your iPad)

iMovie (note - this is built-in on newer ipads) - Free

Garage Band 

Other Apps

Class Dojo - Free

Reading Eggs - Free

Mathletics - Free

Scratch Junior - Free

Bee-Bot - Free

Lightbot - Free

Flipgrid - Free

Kahoot - Free

Tipu - Free


Minecraft Education 

Tayasui Sketches School 

Trello - Free

Epic - Free