3-Way Conferences
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At Everglade School our Parent/Teacher Conferences are known as 'Three Way Conferences'. These involve the Parent, the Teacher and the Child.  The purpose of the 3WC's depends on the time of the year.

Bookings for 3-Way Conferences can be made through our Skool Loop App

Reports and Three Way Conferences – how do they work in 2020?

Our Three Way Conferences are part of the way we report to our parents. We are required to report on your child’s learning twice each year.

For all Year 1-6 Pupils

Term One

Teaching teams will present to parents a 'Parent Orientation' session. These are held after classes finish, with a different date to avoid clashes.

Term Two

We hold Three Way Conferences (Teacher-Parent-Child) to discuss learning and progress to date. All three parties should contribute to this discussion. At the end of the Three Way Conference you will receive your child's Mid-Year Progress Report.

Term Four

In December, you will receive an End of Year Report, summing up your child's learning for the year.

If Your Child is in Year Zero:

Children who turn five and start school in Terms 2, 3 and 4 are known as 'Year Zero' pupils. You will receive a '10 week report' after about a term at school and an to discuss this with their teacher, year Zero children who start school before the end of August will also receive an End of Year Report.